About Dayton’s Bus Service, Inc.

The Peterson family of Grove City, Mn has been responsible for transporting students to and from the area for the past eight decades. Quite certain that this three- generation bus business is one of the oldest private operations running in the state.

Orrin Peterson started the business after buying his first bus in 1939, to provide to students in the rural areas a way to get to and from school. His son Dayton Peterson then took over the business in 1971 and was servicing the Grove City School District for several years before Grove City, Cosmos and Atwater consolidated into one school district. In 2001 Mike Peterson then took over the business which now services the current Atwater Cosmos Grove City (ACGC) School District. This business went from one bus to currently having a fleet of 21 buses and vehicles. Dayton’s Bus Service, Inc. is proud to safely serve all the residents in the ACGC School District.